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For consumers of medical services

We provide a service to you so that you can access medical practitioners and consult with a practitioner about your health.

We offer our service through software applications that you will use to access medical services from medical practitioners. Our service will allow you to search for medical practitioners 

  • who are near your physical location, or
  • who offer specialised medical services, or
  • who offer services at a price you can afford, or
  • Who speak your native language, or
  • Who are of a specific gender, or
  • Who have some combination of these requirements.

Once you find a medical practitioner, you can use our service to schedule an appointment to consult with the practitioner. You can consult with the practitioner remotely using our software applications, or you can consult with the practitioner in person at a location given by the practitioner.

When you schedule an appointment with a practitioner using our service, you must use our service to pay the practitioner in advance of the consultation. We allow you to pay for practitioner services using online payment methods including credit card, debit card, mobile money. We will collect payment from you using a payment processor that is licensed, authorised and regulated to collect payments on our behalf. Should you want to get your money back, this is possible, and is described in our “Refund Policy”.

Before your consultation with a medical practitioner, or during the consultation with the medical practitioner you can send digital images, digital documents or measurements of health indicators, e.g. your body temperature, to the practitioner.

During or after your consultation with a medical practitioner, the medical practitioner may prescribe medical therapies or medication, which we record for you in your medical record. 

Our software services allow you to keep a record of your medical history and maintain a medical profile. You are the owner of your medical record and medical profile. When you use our services to access medical practitioners, you ensure that your medical record remains under your control, that your medical record is complete and available for future reference.

Using our service, you can create medical records for your children. Until they are able to use the service themselves, you can make medical appointments for your children and maintain a medical profile for your children, so that they can receive continuity of medical care. When your children are able to use our software services themselves, only you can authorise them to use our service.

Using our service you can create medical records for your dependents; elderley parents or other family relations. You can allow your dependants to have independent use of our services but accept that you will pay for consultations requested by your dependents. At any time you can remove a dependent from your responsibility.

We are not medical practitioners. We are not the legal agent of any medical practitioner. We are a technology service provider that gives you the means to remotely access medical services offered by licensed medical practitioners. The medical practitioners with whom you consult are responsible for any medical advice, medical diagnosis, prescription of medical therapies and medication. We are responsible to ensure that all medical practitioners available through our service are licensed to practise their particular medical speciality. We inspect the license of any medical practitioner using our service, to ensure that the license is a valid license issued by the medical registrar in the country where the medical practitioner practises medicine. 

Our software applications are available for you to use on mobile phones that use the Android operating system, but limited to specific versions of the operating system. Our software applications are available for you to use on mobile phones that use the iOS operating system but limited to specific versions of the operating system.

Our software applications are available for you to use through an Internet web browser on a laptop computer, or on a desktop computer or from a mobile tablet device.

The specific versions of operating system and applications that we offer will always be published on our website at


“We”,”Us”,”Our” is Telemedicine Holdings Ltd, registered in England, United Kingdom, registration number 13765211.

“You”, “Your”,”Patient” is any individual making use of eDoctor application services, identified uniquely by an e-mail address, or a Google-ID profile or an Apple-ID profile, for the purposes of receiving medical services from a medical practitioner.

“Medical Practitioner” is any individual registered by a national medical registration authority, who is licensed to provide medical services in a category of medical services defined by SNOMED and consults with “You” by making use of eDoctor application services.

“eDoctor” is our trade name for services we provide through software applications for remote medical service, available to You and Medical Practitioners by using a web browser, or by using an iOS device or by using an Android device.