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Data Privacy Policy

You register with Us to use eDoctor so that you can receive medical services by consulting with medical  practitioners and other health related services from us. When you register with us, you identify yourself to us with personal data; including your names, national identification number, gender, date of birth and location. We will not disclose this information to any other entity, other than when you give us your permission.

When you want to receive medical services, you will provide medical practitioners with personal medical data, which could include; description of symptoms, images, videos, health metrics. When you use our services, you acknowledge that you are giving medical practitioners permission to read or view your personal medical data. We will not disclose your personal medical data to any entity, other than the medical practitioners you consult.

For the purpose of medical research, we may remove your personal data from your personal medical data, to create anonymous medical data. For example, we may take the record of John Smith consulting Dr Jones for influenza symptoms, to create an anonymous record of a twenty year old male consulting a female general practitioner for symptoms of influenza that was diagnosed as bronchitis. 

We will not divulge your personal data or personal medical data to any national government or government agency unless we are compelled to do so by law.

If you want to stop using our services, we will send you your personal medical data and remove all of your data from our records.

We store your personal data and personal medical data in software applications on virtual computers from service providers in the European Economic Union.

When you register for our services, you acknowledge that you are doing so under the conditions in this data privacy policy.




“We”,”Us”,”Our” is Telemedicine Holdings Ltd, registered in England, United Kingdom, registration number 13765211.

“You”, “Your”,”Patient” is any individual making use of eDoctor application services, identified uniquely by an e-mail address, or a Google-ID profile or an Apple-ID profile, for the purposes of receiving medical services from a medical practitioner.

“Medical Practitioner” is any individual registered by a national medical registration authority, who is licensed to provide medical services in a category of medical services defined by SNOMED and consults with “You” by making use of eDoctor application services.

“eDoctor” is our trade name for services we provide through software applications for remote medical service, available to You and Medical Practitioners by using a web browser, or by using an iOS device or by using an Android device.